Cunic Ensemble


Cunic Ensemble's debut single Freedom, taken from the forthcoming album The Gram, is available to buy on itunes from

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The video for Freedom can be viewed on youtube


Band Biography

The Cunic Ensemble is a song-based music project started in 2011 by John Clarke, who has written and produced songs with various musicians from the Merseyside area and beyond.

The Cunic Ensemble were born after John had written a batch of songs with a common theme and sprit. The songs were also a vehicle for him to create something different from his usual work of writing and producing instrumental music for films.

There are no specific styles of music for the Cunic Ensemble. The songs on the album are different in style and will continue to evolve and change with future releases.

Although John has written and arranged the songs, the album “The Gram” really only came alive with the musicians who gave up their time to make a big contribution to the recording process and each one of them gave the album a little bit of their own character and helped bring the songs to life.

The first single from the album, Freedom, is available to buy from iTunes, Amazon and Buy our music here

Influences include Spiritualized, Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Alice Coltrane, Stone Roses, Chic, Beach Boys, Foo Fighters, Portishead, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles


The Cunic Ensemble Are:



John Clarke - Bass, A. Guitar, E. Guitar,                          Chris Nugent - Cajon, Congas, Percussion

Piano, Organ, Banjo, Percussion                                            



 Paul Wood - Cajon, Congas, Percussion                              Simon Hendry - Piano, Keyboards 



  Danny McCormick - Acoustic and                                                     Ste Berry - Piano 

  Electric guitars                                                                            



        Kit Williams - Vocals                                                            Anne Marie-Howard - Vocals                         



     Paul Duckworth - Vocals                                                             Steph Fallon - Vocals



       Martin Caldwell - Vocals                                                             Sam Pickett - Vocals


                                          Keith Lightfoot - Guitar                       

     Lyndsey Stainthorpe - Vocals                                             Keith Lightfoot - Electric Guitar 




  James McClean - Drums,                                                         Glen Walsh - Acoustic and Electric

    percussion, harmonica                                                                                 Guitar                                                 



    John and Paul Wood rehearse                                                     John and Danny rehearse



        John and Chris rehearse                                                                  Live at 7Waves



                Live at 7Waves