About US

In-House Composers

John Clarke

Music has always been the main passion in John’s life and he’s been playing guitar and bass in various bands since the early 1990’s, when he also studied music at College.

His eclectic taste in music naturally led to an interest in film scores and, in setting up Cottonfield Music, has taken the next step in realizing his life-long ambitions.

While John’s main strengths are in guitar and bass guitar, he also has skills in piano/keyboard, banjo, mandolin and also provides backing vocals for the bands he plays in. His musical versatility means he can play in a variety of styles and is also fluent in digital music software.

He has written and produced music for various film and other media projects over the last ten years, in addition to other songs and instrumentals produced and released.

Ian Chapman

Ian's main strength is in producing and writing lyrics in a variety of styles - some funny, some serious, some truth, some fiction - but he also enjoys coming up with riffs and ideas for songs that he then works on with John, and other musicians, to write, record and produce the music he loves.

Ian's main job is as a film-maker, and this lends itself to writing, producing, filming and editing videos for the songs, as well as promotional material for the bands and artists that Cottonfield Music work with.



Record Label

The label was set up initially so Ian and John can release their own material but we now work with local artists/bands in the Merseyside area and work on/promote varied styles of music on behalf of artists/bands who can’t breakthrough into the mainstream market.

The label offers the following services:

- Recording Services                                   - Mastering Services

- Production Services                                  - Music Promotion Services

- Distribution Services                                 - Music Registration Services       

- Other Administrative Services


Music Publishing and Licensing Services Page

Cottonfield Music Ltd also provide music production and licensing services. We can produce compositions of all shapes and sizes for your needs. Our services are broken into two areas:


Licensing and Synchronisation Services

Our aim is to work with artists and writers in order to maximise their royalty revenues on the music they write/produce while maintaining the quality of music and supporting the artist/writer in the management, administration and selling of their music to the appropriate people and organisations

We provide music to Film, TV, Theatre and other media companies for different projects through a bespoke, truly dedicated service, bringing a level of expertise and attention to detail which makes us stand out against of our local competitors

We also provide royalty administration collection services where we can both register artists and writers with the appropriate collection agencies (Including PRS, MCPS & PPL) and collect royalties due to artists and writers on their behalf